Where are the Real Men?

The other day I went to visit my mother, who is 70 years old. Although I rarely watch Television, I decided to sit down with my mom and watch Judge Judy, which happens to be her favorite court show. While watching the program, a case came up where this guy lived with this woman who […]

Whimps – Sissies and Real Men

The other night, while I was eating my post workout meal of steak, eggs, a little rice and some avocado, my wife was sitting next to me watching her usual shows on the girly channel; Lifetime. As she watched TV and I ate my meal I noticed she was going over her Facebook account. I […]

Our Goal at the Intense Apex Alpha Male

If you have been reading the Intense Apex Alpha Male blog for quite sometime now, you may have come to the conclusion that our goal is to equip you with information that you, as a man, will be able to implement right away and start using. If that is the conclusion you have come to, […]