Pro MMA Fighter Booto Guylain Dies After Bout in South Africa

Many of us who are fans of MMA and practice MMA understand the risks involved. MMA is unlike any other form of fighting. In an allout MMA match death is simply a very real possibility. Even though MMA has come a long way with its advancements in the ruling system, MMA is still a very […]

Understanding Your Endocrine System for Massive Muscle Gains By Guest Blogger Leon Cruz

Note: Please remember to consult your physician if you plan to use the supplements discussed. Here are a series of videos, articles and a free issue of Barbells-Dumbbells-Body weight newsletter from our guest blogger Mr. Leon Cruz   Did you know that there are supplements that can help you activate and help elevate your testosterone […]

How to build a powerful Core, Lower back, and ripped AB Muscles

  There are usually hundreds of commercials on T.V. for AB Gadgets AB gismos, powders and weight loss pills. When polled, mostly everyone and their gold fish want a set of ripped abs and a powerful core. If this were not so, then why are there so many commercials selling you on ab gadgets?

How to stop bullying

How to stop bullying The Phenomenon of Bullying I find it interesting that bullying is getting so much attention these days. Last time I checked, bullying has always existed and for a very long time. When I was a kid in school, we had many bullies. I was bullied as a kid. I quickly discovered […]

Men: Learn To Fight II !!

This post is a continuation of our part one post titled; Men: Learn to fight. Here we will be discussing how to set up your exercise quarters and the basic equipment you will need to begin practicing your MMA Training. So, you decided to begin practicing MMA for self defense and to help you condition […]

Men: Learn to FIGHT!!

When I was a kid I read and collected comic books. Many of these comic books had ads in them. Most of the ads were catered to boys. The ads that I saw were ads for BB guns, raising sea monkeys (which are little shrimp creatures), and how to build your muscles with various dynamic […]