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When I first started working out at the age of 12, and training with my plastic set of Billiard barbell weights, and reading the muscle magazines, which were about two dollars at the time, I would always come across these articles about steroids.

These articles were completely biased, now looking back, and sensationalized to make these ergogens look evil.I started training when I was in junior High. My older sister was in high school at the time and had many friends who dabbled with the weights during gym class at their school. My sister conveyed to them that her little brother began working out with weights at home. There were times that when my sisters friends would call, they would want to speak to me. These guys were very nice and wanted to talk about working out. One of the things I vividly remember was the conversations veering towards steroids. Now, keep in mind that I did not know anything about steroids. Even the word steroids was weird to me.

These guys, having my best interest at heart, would tell me that these steroids were very bad and I should not think of taking them. Now, why would they tell me this? I was just a kid picking up weights to get big. The only things I knew at the time were if I ate healthy, took the supplements that many of the champs endorsed and worked out with my plastic weights; I too can develop a body like the guys in the muscle magazines.

The conversations with my sisters friends would always have the topic of steroids in them and would include conversations on how bad they were for me. At that time, the best known bodybuilder was The Incredible Hulks’ Lou Ferrigno. Like most kids, I would get excited whenever I saw an article or magazine cover shot of Lou Ferrigno.

One Day one of my sisters friends calls me and we begin talking about bodybuilding. He goes on to his usual Steroids are bad topic so I went on to ask a couple of questions. The first question I asked was; has Lou Ferrigno ever used these steroids? He hesitated a little and answered “uh yes.” He proceeded to talk to me about Arnold Schwarzenegger. I did not know who Arnold was at all at the time. This was during the early 1980s when Lou Ferrigno had more T.V exposure due to Bill Bixbys Incredible Hulk series. Arnold was just breaking into the movie business with his first Conan movie. I proceeded to ask if this guy Arnold took the dreaded steroids, which to my surprise he again said “um Yes.” Then I asked him, do all of the guys in the professional bodybuilding circuit take steroids? He responded with a yes again. So I concluded that if these Steroids are so bad, then why are all of the well-known built men in the magazines and in muscle building use them? At an early age, I knew someone was lying to me. As the decade of the 1980’s was drawing to a close; the steroid propaganda continued full force blaming all the illnesses athletes were getting on steroids. On TV, I would watch the news programs propagating stories on how bad steroids were.

I decided to begin doing my own research on the topic. Even at an early age I knew you cannot trust the media to give you a straight and honest story. They all lie to get you to get you to conform to their ways and to control you so that you become a mindless lemming who accomplishes nothing.

During this time period, I bought and read everything I could get my hands on the topic of steroids and muscle building ergogens. I started with Bill Phillips little book titles Anabolics and the accompanying news letter “the Anabolics Review Report”. Although the information reported on the booklet and newsletters were great, the information was general. The same is true withWilliam Llewellyn’s Anabolics2000 to 2010 anabolic books. The information deals in vague generalities. We fast forward to today and we get to the Internet. There are many web sites dedicated to bringing you information on anabolic ergogens, but like with the previous mentioned sources of information, the internet information is general, which is not bad.

Now we get to John Doe Bodybuilders new book “Straight From The Underground”. Unlike those other sources of information I just mentioned, “Straight From The Underground” is very different in that JD uses real world applications to the substances mentioned in the book. From his own personal expirences as well as those athletes he helped, he gives very specific and very real information of muscle building ergogens. Unlike the main stream horse crap about “steroids bad natural good” nonsence, JD, through his writing talks to you like a responsible adult and not some stupid idiot suckling on pablum. He gives you real meat to chew on.

The Book JD wrote here is a very unique book and unlike many I have read on the topic. The book I read normally gave you the text book explanations to the substances; results the substances had on lab experiments, which were usually done on mice and so fourth. JD not only gives you the basic medical explanations to these substances but also conveys his personal experiences in using the substances. JD also shares his knowledge on cycles he has helped others with along with their results. JD Bodybuilder is the real deal when it comes to dispensing real world and applicable bodybuilding information. Please keep in mind that this is not an endorsement to use any of the ergogens described in this manual. I am taking into consideration that you are a responsible adult and will use this information to gain knowledge and the truth, which is what is being hidden from you; John Q Muscle Public.

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