How to stop bullying

How to stop bullying
The Phenomenon of Bullying


I find it interesting that bullying is getting so much attention these days. Last time I checked, bullying has always existed and for a very long time. When I was a kid in school, we had many bullies. I was bullied as a kid. I quickly discovered that after you kick the bully’s ass, he either leaves you alone or becomes your friend.

When I was in grade school, the first grade to be exact, I immediately became exposed to what bullying was all about. During my lunch period a bully demanded that I give him my lunch or he would meet me outside to beat me up. I quickly thought of a solution and that was to just give him my lunch. I thought that, that would take care of everything and the problem would go away. Well, as time went on and I continued to supply this bully with my lunch, I noticed something interesting; I became hungry. I figured that I would bring some food from home. The next day during lunch this bully noticed that I brought food from my home. Once he noticed this, he began demanding that I give him that food as well. I could not figure this out. I said to myself “this guy is eating his food plus I am already giving him my school food, why does he want the food I am bringing from home?” So, I gave him that as well. One day my mom noticed that I was taking food to school. She asked me Don’t you eat at school? I said no. I explained to her that I was giving it away to this kid to keep him from beating me up. My mom said “What?” She said to me the following: “Tomorrow you will eat your lunch at school. If this bully asks for your food you say no. If he insists and threatens to beat you up then you meet him outside and fight him, understand?” I told my mom that I was scared of getting hit, which my mom replied, ” who would you rather get a beating from, me with this leather belt or some fat coward bully?” It’s a no win situation I thought. I said ok then, I will fight this bully.

The next day, which was on a Friday, I went to school. I did not take any food from home. At lunch time I went to the student cafeteria to eat my lunch. The bully was there and demanded my food or he would beat me up. I said “ok then, we will fight after school.” After school I went outside and waited for this punk. He shows up and I immediately go on the attack. The fight did not last long. The bully began to cry. Then he ran off. I was in a sort of shock. I said, “Man that’s it.” I gave this guy over a month of my food like some chump and he turns out to be the chump? Wow.” I think the beating I would have gotten from my mother frightened me more. The moral of this story is this, Bullies are nothing but cowards. You never appease evil, NEVER. Evil only understands two things; strength and power. You will always be somebody’s sissy until you stand up for yourself. From that lesson, I learned never to appease or take any crap from anyone. I apply that same philosophy today as an adult as well. Yes, Bulling does exist in the adult world as well and in many forms.

For those kids who are being bullied, they are probably told to tell your teacher. Well, that does not work at all. Many kids today are being conditioned mentally to believe that environmental support from others will always be there. That is why your liberal teachers tell you to seek help from others and do not take responsibility for yourself. This advice is very faulty because what happens when something goes down and you try to call for help? After it’s all said and done the police will arrive to clean things up and take your body to the morgue. No, I think, like with everything, it is up to me to learn to protect myself and my family. And I have to tell you that since that situation during my grade school days, I have been in many, many fist fights; Big time fist fights with all kinds of asses, and you know what? After it was all said and done, I was never bothered by these perpetrators ever again.

The reason why in today’s world the liberal public makes a big stink about being bullied is because this generation that is coming up are being sheltered by liberal parents who give their kids some sort of a false sense of security that does not exist. There are evil and bad people in the world and the sooner you know this the quicker you will take the proper steps to protect yourself and others. The society we are living in today coddles the bad guy. Remember back in April 2013 in England? A young soldier going to his home was murdered by these Muslim extremists and you know what punishment they got? A short jail sentence. And where is the guy that was murdered, buried leaving a wife and child. These extremists should have been put out of commission completely. But you see, in England, you can be jailed for protecting yourself. Do you see the craziness?

I do not know about you, but It is my responsibility to protect myself and my family and not the police, not the government, and for those in school; not the teacher or principal. It is your responsibility. Now, please do not misunderstand what I am saying here. Don’t go out looking for fights. Learn how to protect yourself at all times and that means learning a style of self-defense, and learning to shoot a gun.

Also, build confidence in yourself. By perusing bodybuilding and fighting styles, you will carry yourself with a sense of confidence in handling any situation that many arise.

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I learned at an early age what Charles Atlas always said, in his advertisements for his Dynamic tension course, “No One Picks on a Strong Man.” This comment alone taught me and gave me the inspiration to discipline myself, exercise and build my body, and learn to fight. I soon found out that the bully thing became less and less. If you are getting bullied on Facebook, close your account. If these bullies then mess with you in school then kick the holy crap out of them. Start building your body through bodybuilding and power-lifting training. Learn some MMA style of fighting and then go to town if you have to. You will see that these idiots will leave you alone. But you say, “My mom and dad say they do not want me to fight.” Then all I can say is you might as well bend over and make it easy for them to kick you.

Here at Intense-Apex-Alpha-Male, we believe in taking complete control of your life. Only you are responsible and no one else despite what your teachers, parents, media and society tells you.

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Until Next Time,

God Bless.


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  • Greetings! Very useful advice in this particular
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  • The last time anyone tried to bully me was at Primary School, I can remember building up with rage and head butting the guy, never ever happened again in my life. The best thing to do is stand your ground, even if that means taking a beating.

    • Intense Apex Alpha Male

      Never Ever appease evil.

  • I could not refrain from commenting. Perfectly written!