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Some time ago, I wrote a blog post about how to be a lone Wolf and a rogue Lion. I went on to say that in order to accomplish your goals there are times that require you to become secluded and obsessed about accomplishing what it is you want to do. I also wrote another blog about reinventing your life. In that blog I talked about many of the self-destructive and dysfunctional behaviors that plague many men from becoming real men. Well, this blog will tie both of those two blog posts together so that I can try to describe to you which phobia or dysfunctional behavior I may “suffer” from.

If you go to “Reinvent Your Life” and scroll to the last phobia description, which is Social Exclusion, you will notice that it may fall under a self-destructive and dysfunctional behavior. That may be so for the average person, but not so for an Intense-Apex-Alpha-Male. Let me explain; a condition like Social Exclusion works in my favor as a positive thing and not a negative. When I was growing up, I did not really fit in with most of the kids. Peer pressure did not exist for me because I learned at an early age that the herd mentality did not appeal to me and it usually meant following some candy ass leader who is usually more insecure than you are. I focused on adult things when I was teen, like working out to build my body and getting side jobs to earn some cash. The guys who trained at the gym I went to were at least five to ten years older than I was, and many of them became my training partners. The more I focused on training the more I knew that I was not part of the masses. You see, the masses do not have the discipline to build their bodies. These are the same people who wait to see if they can find a quick fix for getting into shape, like purchasing some pill or some stupid gadget. These are the same people who have a problem with guys like me. They call us muscle bound idiots; they make fun of us in stupid commercials like the ones produced by Planet fitness (Planet Sickness). I quickly learned that to be unique you cannot fit in and you should not aim to fit in. The same thing goes for developing a business. You will have those people who will tell you that you cannot do it. The people who fall for the “you can’t do it” advice are those people who want to fit in with the masses. These are also the type of people who want government to do something for them.

Let us examine the masses. The masses for the most part feel entitled and it is usually to what you worked for and what you have. The masses do not have the discipline to get up at 5:00 o’clock in the morning to workout and get in shape. The masses are easily distracted into buy now pay later. These are also the types of people who go out shopping on black Friday and attack another customer who has the Xbox they wanted when it’s on sale. The masses are usually fat slobs and disgruntled women. The masses, no matter what ethnic group, play the victim. Many of these people may be members of your family. My solution to all of this is to get rid of those wasteful relationships; start thinking like an individual. Focus on what you want. Learn all you can on the subject of what you want. Develop a plan to execute what you want and set some goals. I was always an independent thinker. I was never part of the herd. This could be the reason why I have such disdain for liberals. Liberals are touchy feely, herd mentality types, and make decisions based on emotion sort of like a woman who is pregnant and her hormones are going crazy for chocolate and mustard covered pickles. I will give a slight pass to women and children who think like liberals because children do not know any better and women are basically emotional any way. But when I see men acting like this, well, they are either feminized by our current fruit cake society or just plain gay.

Men need to behave and think like men (adult men). Social exclusion truly worked in my favor. By not having all of those stupid wasteful relationships; I get to focus on my goals with a laser like intensity not worrying about having a “friend” pull me away from a big project or from training. The friends and family members I do mingle with are the right ones for me. Another thing I learned from all of this is the fact that I hate and I mean HATE the phone. Unless it is for business purposes, to me, the phone is a waste. I purposely make myself scarce when I get personal calls. I just do not answer them. I find it a waste to sit down and chatter away. My time can be spent on more productive things. Usually I reply by e-mail or snail mail; yes I still use snail mail. Another reason I do not answer the phone is because I do not want to be easily access able. I do not have to worry about anyone monopolizing my time. I get to chose, which gives me complete control.

Social Exclusion – Do you feel different from other people or ill at ease in group surroundings? As a child, you may have felt rejection by others because of some difference. (Yes, I always knew I was different from the masses). As an adult, though you might feel comfortable in intimate settings, (Yes, intimate settings with those people I choose to mingle with by my choice and design). You still may feel uncomfortable in groups (Yup, I do not like large groups of people. That usually means the masses who are asses). Social Exclusion worked in my favor and made me a lone wolf and a rogue lion. It is those traits that will lead you to success if you know what to do.

Here is a quote from “The Millionaire Fast Lane” Expect a price to be paid. Expect risk and sacrifice. Expect bumps in the road. When you hit the first pothole ( and yes, it will happen) know that you are forging the process of your unfolding story. The fast lane process demands sacrifices that few make, to resolve to live like few can. You see, in what ever you do, whether building your body or building a business, you must stay obsessed and focused, which means saying good by to fitting in.

Social Exclusion: God bless it.

God Bless you.


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