Books and Courses by Leon Cruz

Books and Courses

1) The Huge Chest Training course – By Leon Cruz – If you are having trouble Gaining size on your upper body or developing your pectoral muscles, this course will help you with real world training advice.

2)Barbells-Dumbbells-Bodyweight Summer 2010 Chest Training DVD– This Goes together with the Huge Chest Training Course. The Barbells-Dumbbells-Bodyweight newsletter can be down loaded here in PDF for free –>>Barbells-Dumbbells-Bodyweight 8.

3) The Earle E. Liderman training course by Earle E. Liederman – Earle E. Liderman was a pioneer in the mail order personal training profession. Developed in 1920, but still appicable today, Earle Liderman help many people take their health and fitness levels to the next level. This is a complete bodyweight training course, which also adds barbell and dumbbell training to the workouts.

4) The Huge Biceps Training Course – By Leon Cruz – This course will teach you how to build a pair of the most popular and sought after muscle groups; The Biceps and the Triceps.

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