PODCAST Interview # 4 with Michael Hur – Discussing Hitler, the Nazi’s and the occult

michael-hurFor today’s Pod Cast episode #4 we will have Michael Hur. We will be discussing Hitler, the Nazi’s and the occult. Michael Hur has a very informative YouTube channel titled Shield Of The Son ware he goes into many paranormal phenomenon with a biblical perspective. Michael Hur is well schooled in theological studies along with being a highly skilled investigative journalist.






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Just Type in “Michael Hur” in the search box at LULU.COM and many of
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1) The First Kingdom Volume 1

2) The Lost Tribes of Israel

3) Hollywood Perdition

4) The First Kingdom Volume 3

5) The First Kingdom Volume 2

6) The First Kingdom Volume 3

7) Ancient of Days

8) Wrestling and The New World Order

9) The Paranormal Phenomena

10) Entertainment & Shadows

11) American Nights

12) Spiritual Science Vol. 1

13) Shadows of the Music Industry


Until Next Time, God Bless you all.


2 thoughts on “PODCAST Interview # 4 with Michael Hur – Discussing Hitler, the Nazi’s and the occult”

  1. Yes Lewis, Michael Hur is incredible wise and knowledgeable. He ministers to my heart as well. God bless Michael. Stay tuned for another great podcast interview.

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