Old School Bodybuilding Training Part 1

Bob Hoffman Daily Dozen
Bob Hoffman Daily Dozen

Many of you out there may have come across articles talking about old school methods of bodybuilding training and old school bodybuilding nutrition, supplements and diets. But, what exactly is old school bodybuilding and why are there so many people interested in the topic?
Well, I would like to give you my opinion on what exactly is old school bodybuilding. First, I will briefly go into what old school bodybuilding is and then stay focused on what we call the “Golden Era” of bodybuilding because, I believe, that is the time when bodybuilding began to gain full steam as a professional sport and lifestyle.
Old School Bodybuilding – The old school type of weight training goes back almost one hundred years ago with the Milo barbell company. The milo barbell company was established during the turn of the 20th century. Milo Steinburn was the founder and owner of the barbell company and he designed and sold many globe type barbell sets which needed metal shot pelletts to fill the globe spheres so that a particular poundage of say 65 pounds of pellets in the round globe barbell can be used.

Weightlifting-Hall-of-Fame_1_20120218_3_c_426Shortly after the introduction of the globe type barbell, the disk type barbell set, which is still the standard used for today, was created. The adjustable barbell set was created back in the year of 1907. Bob Hoffman was the man who bought the milo barbell company and renamed it York Barbell company after his york oil burners he sold at his oil burner business over at York PA. Bob Hoffman doesn’t get much credit, but it was Bob Hoffman who popularized barbell training for both sport and fitness and founded the AAU (amateur athletic union) which officially sanction many weight lifting competitions. Bob Hoffman published Strength and Health magazine, which lasted for over sixty years and he also published many books and workout courses. He would include many of his workout programs with the weight sets he manufactured. For this segment, I would like to go over an old school workout program that was published back in 1958 and can still be used today to help the bodybuilder, or athlete condition their body with.
The program is called the daily dozen. This routine is great for conditioning purposes as well as for many of those who are pressed for time and would still like to reap the benefits weight training has to offer. In this blog post, I have included three videos, which you can follow while doing the daily dozen along with a description of each exercise. Each exercise is done for 45 seconds with a 15 second rest period in between. This workout will work your aerobic capabilities along with your strength. Give this workout a try and include it in your conditioning program as a change of pace from doing the tread mill or other aerobic exercises. I will include a PDF version of the daily dozen and include it here with this article so that you can download it and study it. I will have more on old school training in part two coming soon.

Note: You will notice that there are 14 exercises instead of twelve. I do not do the barbell hop and barbell rows are included twice. You can pick which twelve exercises you wish to do for your program.

Until then, God Bless


Bob Hoffman’s Daily Dozen
York Barbell

45 seconds each exercise
15 Second Rest

1) Barbell Curl

2) Press Behind the neck

3) Up Right Row

4) Side to Side bends

5) Half Snatch

6) Squat Press

7) Barbell Hop

8) Clean and Press

9) Bent over Rows

10) Shoulder Press

11) Under hand Rows

12) Over Head Press

13) Dead Lifts

14) Squats

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