Passion – Obsession : Do You Have It??

In the past, I’ve discussed important attributes such as patience, perseverance, diligence, and intensity. Clearly, these are significant variables that must be considered when working towards any meaningful goal. Yet without passion, each variable is limited.

You cannot have patience, perseverance, diligence, and intensity without PASSION.

How much patience will you exhibit without passion? How much intensity will you put forth? What about perseverance or diligence? When it comes to maximizing potential, passion is an absolute must.

The Webster’s dictionary meaning of passion is described as a strong liking or desire for, or devotion to some activity, object, or concept. Passion is a driving force. It is the spark that ignites the flame. It illuminates the path on your road to success. Without passion, the road will eventually darken. Youll lack direction, focus, and desire.

The Power of Passion – Obsession

Passion often defines the individual. It isn’t something you can fake. You either have it or you dont. For example, consider the young fighter who literally fights his way out of poverty; because of his Passion, no matter how tired he may be, he manages to get his workouts in to achieve his goal.

His passion steers him through adversity, propelling him towards a successful career.

But what happens when the fountain of passion runs dry? Perhaps the fighter experiences the taste of money and loses the fire that once burned within. All of the natural talent and prior years of training cannot make up for a lack of passion.

Many professional athletes become victim to their own fame. They find a life that they never knew existed. They are no longer fighting to better their lives when they become surrounded by fame and wealth.

Renew your passions daily.

A perfect example of this concept comes from legendary boxer Bernard Hopkins. Earlier in his career, Im sure he was passionate about bettering his life (financially) and that of his family. Thats no longer the case however as hes already earned millions. His passion still runs strong however, even into his 40s. Hopkins is not distracted by money. He remains passionate about winning and cementing his own legacy.

Let’s Take Mike Tyson as another example; When he lost his passion for fighting nothing he could do would bring him back to fighting. In his last fight you could see that he no longer had the passion for fighting.

Therefore, you dont need to choose a single passion today that you must then live with forever. There is a good chance that your interests will change over time. You are free to seek out new passions.

I am passionate about several things. If you read the many articles in the Intense Apex Alpha Male blog site, you will see that I am passionate about bodybuilding, power lifting and all things physical culture along with Geo – politics and Christianity.

Using myself as an example, my passion has been consistent over the years. I renew my passions regularly. Passion for a day is never enough. You cannot ride the coattails of past passion and expect to find future success.

In my daily training sessions, I need to chase my own goals. No one can pick these goals for me. I decide for myself.

Understandingthe significance of passion isnt enough. We must take it a step further and bring passion to our training.

To make the most of your training, you must bring passion to the gym. Passion is more important than even the most sophisticated forms of periodization, program creation, restoration, and supplementation. If you are not passionate, you are indifferent and lost in a job-like mentality. Indifference means that you dont care one way or another. If you are indifferent about your training, dont expect anything but nothing.

I cant tell you what to be passionate about. It isnt for me to decide. You must find something that you enjoy. Your work will be exponentially more effective if you find an activity or sport that you truly enjoy. Do not let anyone choose for you. Find out for yourself. Get your hands dirty and see what lights your fire.

For Guys, I would suggest getting started with the 30 days of discipline as a road map, and then take it from there.

The 30 Days of Discipline course is a challenge boot camp that you put yourself through. A way to discipline yourself, a way to tame those bad habits and institute new, Ass-kicking habits. And develop Passion.

The only way you will succeed is to follow the instructions and MAKE THE DECISION to go through with it. Decide to never quit.

It wont be easy, but when you emerge 30 days later you will be amazed at the energy, creativity and vitality you will feel.

You can become as you wish to be, it requires only a change of mindset, a smidgen of self-discipline and some will-power. All of these are the attributes of PASSION.

To get the full benefit of the program requires work on your part.

I also suggest charting progress and working towards defined goals.

When I lift weights, I try to lift heavier weights. When I work with bodyweight exercise, I try to work with more challenging variations.

Im always working towards a new goal, regardless of the training style. Im dont train aimlessly. I am training for something specific. You dont need to train for a sport to have precise training goals.

(NOTE: Read: Dopamine regulates motivation. The widespread belief that dopamine regulates pleasure could go down in history with the latest research results on the role of this neurotransmitter. Researchers have proved that it regulates motivation, causing individuals to initiate and persevere to obtain something either positive or negative. – Mike Cernovich – Danger and Play)

Once you determine the power of passion and your obsession, it isnt something that you’ll ever want to lose. My passion towards life drives me forward. It is a burning desire to constantly improve. Great things are fueled by passion so why settle for anything less?

If you want to stand out in life, youd better be passionate. Find your passion and pursue it relentlessly.

Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion.

Dont ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

Dr. Howard Thurman

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  1. Passion does become obsession. And I think that is a great thing. You need obsession to accomplish important goals and the more complex the more along time is needed. No distractions from females. LOL.

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