My Expirence with the RED MONKEY supplement

Red Monkey is a legal supplement that actually relaxes you, uplifts your mood and kills your social inhibitions. When youre on Red Monkey you just want to go talk, talk, talk with strangersand have great conversations with them. The stuff is so subtle (you think) until youre out and about and youre just having the best time ever talking to strangers. I take it sometimes in the morning and dont notice anything, then I call ataxito take me to the gym and before I know it, Ive learned the taxi drivers life story! On Red Monkey I put my work away and I have a great time talking to everyone from taxi drivers to cute girls in the gym.

Its really remarkable how much Red Monkey opens you up in social or conversational situations.

Im very closed by nature and Im constantly working, even in cars, but on Red Monkeyits a whole different story.

You know those days when yourejust on and youregiggling and smiling and grinning and just acting on instinct and nothing can stop you?

Thats the feeling that Red Monkey gives you.

On Red Monkey youre just in a way better mood, youre not in your head in social situations, instead youre socially uninhibited and living free like a monkey.

If youre thinking to yourself that Red Monkey sounds a lot like having a few beers youd be rightsort of.On Red Monkey you get the socially free benefits of alcohol but you dont get intoxicated.

On Red Monkey youre always in your right mind and youre clear, sharp and in focus. No mumbling or stumbling and making a fool of yourself like you would on too many beers.

Itsreally remarkable and I really highly recommend it. Yes, its my company that producesRed Monkey but I really love itand when you try it youre going to love it too.

Even looking at the smiling monkey on the labelputs a smile on my face.

So What Exactly Is In Red Monkey?

Red Monkey isa potent blend of nootropics and cognitive enhancingingredients that work together to increase your mood and KILL your social anxiety.

The several potent Nootropics in Red Monkey specifically work by targeting and improving the efficiency of neurotransmitters in the brain.

The end result is improved cognitive function, memory, creativity and motivation and decreased anxiety and stress.

Red Monkey Ingredients

  • N-Acetyl L-Cysteine(nootropic) improves irritability and anxiety levels.
  • Bacopa Monnieri(nootropic) boosts memory, cognitive ability and brain health.
  • 5-HTP(nootropic) promotes relaxation, boosts mood and alleviates stress as well as enhances focus and reduces anxiety and depression.
  • L-Theanine(nootropic) increases dopamine levels and improves mood, boosts focus, memory and brain health, and reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Rhodiola Rosea(nootropic) reduces fatigue, boosts concentration, and alleviates stress.
  • Phenibut the only ingredient in Red Monkey that isnt a Nootropic and this ingredient in particular is what is largely responsible for the amazing relaxation and stress/anxiety relieving benefits of Red Monkey.

What Does Phenibut Do?

The phenibut in Red Monkey is the real big hitter when it comes to killing social anxiety.

Nootropics a class of cognitive enhancing supplements (or smart drugs) while Phenibut is a GABA analogue. Phenibutis more responsible for the social freedom Red Monkey gives you.

The Phenibut in Red Monkey is so effective at reducing anxiety that many people report that they actually like it more than prescription drugs designed for anxiety.

The Phenibut in Red Monkey works by binding to the GABA-B receptors in the brain, in turn producing a variety of its own specific benefits:

  • Moderate levels of euphoria
  • May make you more friendly and talkative (even with strangers)
  • Decreases social anxiety
  • Provides stress relief
  • Improves cognitive function
  • Uplifts your overall mood and will also give you much deeper and more restful sleeps

When Should You Use Red Monkey?

Any day is a good day to feel good.I would recommend it for any kind of social event.

Red Monkey has a huge amount of benefits and you can use it to enhance basically any situation.

Red Monkey reallykicks in whenyou go out tobe social,thats when you really notice it.

Maybeyou have a big job interview, a big event that makes you nervous to think about, or just want to start the day off with a kick in the buttand feel great.

Red Monkey works great whenyou just want to de-stress, curb any anxiety or just improve you sense of well being in general;it isa definite must-have.

How To DoseRed Monkey

Do Take 2-4 capsules of Red Monkey on an empty stomach once in the morning and once in the afternoon/evening.

Dont take Red Monkey more than 2 days per week, as your body will start growing a tolerance towards the Phenibut ingredient in the supplement and you wont feel the feel-good effects of phenibut.

Red Monkey can be used as a sleep aid by dosing 8 capsules at once,2 hours beforebed.

Side Effects Of Red Monkey

Red Monkey can cause slight impairment of your motor skills at higher doses so it is advised that you dont operate or drive any machinery after taking Red Monkey.

The effects of alcohol are also multiplied while Red Monkey is in your system, so be aware of this if you decide to combine the two. One drink can feel like several drinks for many individuals.

One Tip Caffeine Works Great With Red Monkey

Stimulants like caffeine tend to greatly potentiate the effects of the Phenibut ingredient in Red Monkey. Phenibut can also cause sleepiness at moderate doses.

It is recommended that you take some caffeine alongside your Red Monkey dose.

(Unless you are using it as a sleep aid obviously).

The amount of caffeine you ingest with it should be equivalent to 1-1.5 cups of coffee (100-150mg). Make sure the caffeine source you have doesnt contain any calories though or else then you are no longer taking Red Monkey on an empty stomach.

The best way to do this in my opinion is to simply take your Red Monkey dose on an empty stomach, and then have 1-1.5 cups of your favorite Red Coffee flavor.

Red Monkey Recap The #1 Social AnxietyKiller!

Red Monkey works best when youre social but notonly at a party or a nightclub (Red Monkey works great in those instances), but even when youre talking to somebody one on one.

On Red Monkey your mind and mouth just open up and your conversation flows easily and naturally.

Taxidrivers become my new best friends on Red Monkey.Normally, whenI get in a taxiIm checking emails non-stop, paying noattention to the driver.

On Red Monkey though, I just have the best time ever in the moment talking to the drivers and feeling great.And if its great talking to a normally faceless, nameless driver (and it is)

Imagine how great it feelsto talk to a pretty girl and the anxiety about what to say just isnt there.

Imagine this Yourepicking up some groceries when you stumble upon a pretty girl who smiles at you, your heart starts racingand you open your mouth and say nothing.

You realize the mistake just a few moments too late. By then too much time has passed, the moment is goneforever.

Now re-imagine how great it would feel to run into little miss pretty near the orange juice aisle; Only this time youre on Red Monkey and youfeel sogood its easy to say hi. Heck, you cant not say hi, youre just feeling too good.

Not only did you say hi but yourconversation is flowing naturally.

Instead of overthinking what to say,youre totally on instinct and socially free like a monkey.

Does Red Monkey really work that well?

When youre like abright light of happiness and youre shining your light on the girl in the supermarketand yourethinking to yourself

I feel so damn good! I cant stop smiling!

Thats when youll know how well Red Monkey actually works.

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Red Monkey Top 20 Frequently Asked Questions


How does Red Monkeywork?

Red-Monkey binds to the GABA-B receptors in the brain.

It produces moderate levels of euphoria, decreases social anxiety, provides stress relief, improves cognitive function, uplifts your overall mood. Itwill also give you much deeper and more restful sleep.

How much Red Monkey should I take?

Start with 1-2 servings (2-4 capsules) on a totally empty stomach upon waking and assess how you feel after a couple hours with that dose for your first time. If you feel nothing from this dose after 2-3 hours, take 2-4 more capsules.

This should be enough to start really feeling the effects unless you have a tolerance to GABA-stimulating compounds.

If you have built up a tolerance to GABA-stimulating drugs then Red-Monkey is not going to be able to provide you with the full benefits that it normally would and you will likely need a higher dose for it to do anything for you.

Do not exceed 8 capsules total (4 servings) in a 24-hour period, and do not exceed 16 capsules per week.

Does it matter if you takeRed Monkeyon an empty stomach or not?

Yes, the efficacy of the supplement is drastically improved if you take it on a totally empty stomach. Taking it immediately upon waking is ideal.

How to properly take Red Monkey?

If you want the best effect from Red-Monkey, not only should it be taken on an empty stomach, but also it should be taken with some sort of stimulant.

Caffeine is ideal for this situation, or any other stimulant with similar effects.

The amount of caffeine you ingest with it should be equivalent to 1-1.5 cups of coffee (100-150mg).

Make sure the caffeine source you have doesnt contain any calories though or else then you are no longer taking Red-Monkey on an empty stomach.

Can I take Red Monkey every day?

No, the body builds a tolerance to the Phenibut in Red-Monkey fairly quickly if you use it every day, so it is advised that you only use Red-Monkey no more than 2-3 days per week max.

Ideally these days wont be consecutive right after one another either.

In addition, taking Red-Monkey every day may lead to some dependency on the supplement (rare), so that is another reason why you shouldnt take it every single day.

Can I drink alcohol while on Red Monkey?

The ingredients in Red Monkey seem to drastically potentiate the effects of alcohol (1 drink equates to several drinks while on Red-Monkey) so mixing alcohol is not recommended, and driving is absolutelynot recommended.

Do not drink and drive IN ANY CAPACITY while on Red-Monkey.

How long do the effects of Red Monkey last?

This will vary individual to individual, but typically the supplement will have made its way out of your system in 10 hours or so.

It isnt uncommon for individuals to still feel the benefits of Red-Monkey for up to 24 hours after ingestion though.

Will Red Monkey help me be more social?

Yes, this is one of the greatest benefits Red-Monkey gives.

It can drastically lower social anxiety, and put you in a great state of mind where you have a much greater level of social freedom and no longer feel nervous in situations that would normally cause you stress.

What would you compare Red Monkeys effects to drug wise?

Its very similar to the same high level of social freedom and anxiety demolishing effects you experience with alcohol, but without the sloppy loss of motor skills.

Your mood is also drastically elevated and you feel a great sense of focus.

Does Red Monkey contain any Nootropics?

Yes. Red-Monkey contains N-Acetyl L-Cysteine, Bacopa Monnieri, 5-HTP, L-Theanine and Rhodiola Roseawhich are all considered Nootropics.

Phenibut is the only ingredient in Red-Monkey that isnt a Nootropic.

What does each Nootropic do in Red Monkey?

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine improves irritability and anxiety levels.

Bacopa Monnieri boosts memory, cognitive ability and brain health.

5-HTP promotes relaxation, boosts mood and alleviates stress as well as enhances focus and reduces anxiety and depression.

L-Theanine increases dopamine levels and improves mood, boosts focus, memory and brain health, and reduces stress and anxiety.

Rhodiola Rosea reduces fatigue, boosts concentration, and alleviates stress.

All these Nootropics have slightly overlapping characteristics, but that is why Red-Monkeys perfect combination of all of them works so well synergistically together.

What is the difference between Nootropics and Phenibut?

Nootropics are simply a class of cognitive enhancing supplements (or smart drugs), while Phenibut is a GABA analogue that is more responsible for the social freedom Red-Monkey provides the user.

Why is it recommended to have stimulants with Red Monkey?

The Phenibut in Red-Monkey may make you feel a bit more tired than usual if you dont take your Red-Monkey dose with caffeine or another alike stimulant.

Stimulants also potentiate the effects of Red-Monkey.

Can you use Red Monkey as a sleep aid because it has Phenibut in it?

Yes, you can use it infrequently as an acute sleep aid (no more than a couple times per week).

To dose it for this purpose, have 4 servings (8 capsules) Red-Monkey 2 hours prior to going to bed.

Are all the ingredients in Red Monkey completely legal?

Yes, all of the ingredients in Red-Monkey are 100% legal.

What happens if I overdose on Red Monkey?

You will experience pronounced drowsiness, which can be dangerous if operating a motor vehicle or in another similar situation that requires your full attention. Follow our recommended dosing instructions to avoid this.

Will Red Monkeyhelp me study?

Yes, the Nootropics in Red-Monkey can enhance your cognitive ability, improve your memory and information retention, as well as increase your focus.

Are there any dangers from taking Red Monkey?

It is completely harmless if you follow a safe dosing protocol and dont use it too often. If you use it several days per week, you may start to develop a dependency on it, which can lead to withdrawal symptoms upon the cessation of its use.

These are extremely unpleasant, and is why I urge you to only use Red-Monkey a couple times a week ideally. Do not operate drive or operate machinery after taking Red-Monkey as your motor skills may be slightly impaired.

What kind of situations is Red Monkey ideal for?

Anytime you want a boost in mood, focus, social freedom, etc. Red-Monkey is perfect.

Red-Monkey excels most in situations like stressful job interviews, dates, studying for exams, but it can literally be used at any time to greatly enhance your overall sense of well-being.

How much Phenibut is there in each serving of Red Monkey?

Each serving of Red-Monkey (2 capsules) contains 500mg of Phenibut.

Where can I buy Red-Monkey?


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  1. I tried the Red Monkey supplement and man does it work. I took two capsules in the morning, on an empty stomach, and two capsules before lunch. It works very well.

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