How to keep your New Year’s Resolutions


Another year is coming to an end and a new one will begin shortly. There are many people who make New Year resolutions only to not keep them or their self promises. Jokingly, I use to ask friends what kind of New Year resolutions they have made, which the reply would be; I don’t make New Year resolution because I do not keep them.

Many individuals, specifically men because this is a blog dedicated to men, should not only make and keep New Year resolutions, but also make them monthly, weekly and daily. You should always strive to become better than what you are now. Since discovering Bold and Determined six months ago, I became that much more focused and that much more intense in achieving the goals I have set for myself. Immediately the Intense-Apex-Alpha-Male was born. Now, one of my goals is to help light a fire under the asses of many men so that they can become what God has always intended good and decent men to be and that is Alpha males.

This coming year I have assembled a group of Alpha males who will be contributing to the Intense-Apex-Alpha-Male website. There will be guest posts, guests podcasts and guest video instruction specifically for the intense apex alpha male website.

Here are some things to help you keep your New Years Resolutions. And they are:

1)Sign up for our e-mails. We never give away your email address and we will be sending you special reports to help you start your shape up program, internet blogging courses and you will also get the Intense apex alpha male manifesto.

2)Next, Read our blog daily

3)Purchase the 30 Days of Discipline Click
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4)Purchase Body of a SpartanClick here to view more details

This will help you get off to a really good start for the new year. As Alpha men, we must make a split decision to change right now. Remember that we are adults and split decisions can be made and are doable. Change is uncomfortable but being a slack ass is even worse. You have the ability to do this and more, so get right to it and I will see you in the winners circle.

Until Next time,

God Bless.


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