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As stated before, I.A.A.M. is a blog site that tries to entertain, educate and inform as well as give you a place to come to and learn important things that you can begin to apply immediately. In keeping with that goal, every so often I will blog about some facts under the title of fun facts. Some of these facts may not be fun but these facts must be propagated and made available to you.

Here is what I learned about this very alarming trend:

Is diversity the new racism??

Diversity has such a noble ring on paper. Actually, it’s a cover for the ugly practice of racial quotas put in place by the candy ass liberal socialist establishment. In a case involving the University of Michigan law school, a federal appeals court ruled that colleges and universities could use “race” as a factor in considering student admissions. Not only did the court okay using race in evaluating individual applications, it also approved Michigan’s policy of admitting a “critical mass” of minority students, so that minority students can contribute to classroom dialogue and not feel isolated. A nice sentiment, but here’s how it actually worked: From 1995 to 1998, the law school admitted 46, 44 and 47 minority applicants respectively, comprising a suspiciously quota like 13.5 to 13.7 percent of the incoming class each year. To make this happen, the law school rejected scores of whites with better grades and test scores. This patronizes blacks and waters down education quality. It’s time to stop this stupid obsession with race. And by the way, there is no such thing as race. We come from many different cultures, yes, but there is only one race and that is the human race. All men are created in the image of God so says the word of God.

On the health front I have two interesting articles that I have read.

Improve your memory with this drug

You don’t have to have dementia to benefit from anti-dementia medication. This is according to a Stanford University study. Donepezil is the name of the medication given to people suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s. Donepezil can help improve the memory of people who do not have the disease. Researchers tested Donepezil on 18 healthy pilots ages 30 to 70. Before taking the drug, the pilots took a series of flights on a flight simulator, performing complex maneuvers and receiving new air- traffic commands every three minutes. For the next 30 days, subjects took either Donepezil or a placebo. When the pilots again took the simulated flights, the scores of those taking the placebo dropped significantly. But the pilots taking Donepezil performed just as well as before, indicating that they remembered what they had learned. Lead researcher Jerome Yesavage tells Neurology that he suspects “the drug is affecting working memory,” “processes that allow people to focus on current tasks.” That suggests the drug could help people whose memory has been impaired by normal aging.

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New Dangers your cell phone companies do not want you to know

Radiation from mobile phones cause changes in the brain that could make us sick. Scientists at the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority in Finland told New Scientist magazine. Although earlier studies looked at the effects of mobile phone radiation on the cells of rats, this two-year study is the first to look at the impact on human cells. The study found that even low-level emissions might damage the blood – brain barrier, a membrane that prevents harmful substances in the body from entering the brain. Merely one hour of cell phone radiation caused cells in blood vessel walls to shrink. This usually only happens when cells are damaged. Shrinkage could allow hazardous substances to pass from the bloodstream to the brain through the small spaces between shrunken cells, Scientists previously believed that the only way radiation could damage cells was by warming them, but the new finding show mobile phone radiation can damage cells without heat. Scientists caution that these tests were conducted on cells in a lab, and say more research is needed to see if the same thing happens in humans beings.

Conclusion, I hate phones and I hate cell phones as well. I always know that something like this would happen with these devices. My advice to all of my readers and fellow bro’s, keep your cell phone usage to a minimum.

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