Idiots and Candy Asses Argue and debate with the Masses (Who are Asses)!!

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“How would you feel if you lived on an island populated, apart from yourself, exclusively by retarded, malicious chimpanzees? Well, that’s how I feel, don’t laugh, because you’re one of those retarded, malicious chimpanzees.” – Arthur Jones creator of Nautilus machines and High Intensity training.



For many of you who have been reading my blog posts probably concluded that I work for the school system. Well, I do and hopefully not for long. I have learned a very long time ago that arguing and debating with my fellow “average Joe” colleagues is a complete and total waist of time. There is no point in arguing with people who already have their minds made up. It takes up to much energy and doesn’t produce any results. It ends up with you getting angry, and wanting to get into a fist fight with the idiots and trying to convince someone of something that truly doesn’t matter at all.

Arguments start due to the fact that it is usually initiated by one person trying to prove something to the other person. I say who cares.

Why does it matter to you in pandering to other people? People who are prone to arguing and name-calling have a very hard time understanding anything. Just look at all of the haters that leave their retarded comments on YouTube or even blogs like mine. No matter what you say they are going to think whatever they want to think. No matter how much you argue and pander you can’t change someone who has their mind made up. Just let people think whatever they want and go on with your life. You can go over all of the facts and present your point with all of the facts and figures; there will be those who just will not get it so why even bother.

When women argue back with an emotional response, I would tend to accept it “somewhat” because women are emotional from the get go, but when men do that crap, they are two steps away from wearing women’s underwear and prancing around a daisy patch wearing pink clogs.

Be a Man and don’t argue with fools.



One thought on “Idiots and Candy Asses Argue and debate with the Masses (Who are Asses)!!”

  1. Great Post!

    Its true its not worth trying to show people the truth! You will be met by a person who enjoys their ignorance and does not want to accept what you are saying.

    Its easier to just keep it moving and maybe one day they will learn i guess.

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