IAAM – Geo – POLITICS – What is Government?

In order to become intelligent, the first thing that you need to do is to realize how ignorant you are. You can read all the best books in the world and go to the best colleges, but if you are not educating yourself on the things that make you ignorant, and if you’re not taking the necessary steps to reduce your ignorant actions and thoughts, then you will always be ignorant, even though you are very knowledgeable and educated.

The purpose of my blog is to Enlighten, Entertain and Educate my audience. There will be times I will discuss things like religion and politics like in this particular article. I did a podcast video introduction on the topic of what is Government in answering Brian, from YouTube channel High Impact Flix, on why in many cases I do agree with him on an Anarchist system and not what we have going on today; and for what passes as governments today. But at the same time for an anarchist system to work many individuals must rely on a trust factor from other human beings. I have a major problem with this because man kind is a fallen race. As history has proven time and again, there will always be someone out there who will want to control the masses and as we are currently seeing with those protesting president Donald Trumps victory to the white house, some people are just plane stupid and brain dead. These are the types of individual that would give authority to a tyrant; a tyrant who wants complete control over the masses. A tyrant will need and enlist the help of useful idiots to accomplish his goal of super power. The liberal left are those useful idiots who do not learn from history. This is why, although noble, an anarchist system cannot work. The founding fathers to the United Sates of America understood this. Short of an anarchist society, the founding fathers understood that government had to remain small if people were to have freedom. Unfortunately, our country has morphed into a Democracy. Democracies always end up as totalitarian systems and them slowly there after the few controlling the masses. This is the Globalists agenda.

Please watch, enjoy and learn from these videos. I will have more to come on this topic.

God Bless.


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