Huge Biceps Tips – How to Gain an inch in your arms in just one day!!!

Arnold Biceps

In today’s blog post, I would like to answer a question that I often receive from readers of my newsletters and blog pasts. The question is “Is It possible to gain up to an inch of sold muscle on the arms in just one day?”

Well, to answer that question I had to go back to my muscle library and do some research for the answer. All of my searching paid off because there is an old school training program that can have you gaining up to an inch on your arms. If you are truly an Intense Apex Alpha Male and have drive and are committed to the routine I am about to describe, then an inch on your arms in one day is with your grasp. This is a program I plan on putting into action very soon. Here is the program as it is written by me in a short note format.

There exists a controversial routine that promises to pack up to an inch of muscle on the arms. However, in order to achieve what seems impossible, you must commit yourself to training the arms for 8 to 12 straight hours.

First, you will need a straight bar (or an EZ curl bar) with enough small plates for stripping. You will also need two sturdy chairs for doing dips. You will need enough liver tabs and amino acids to take every three hours on the hour. Next, set your alarm clock for 6:00 am. Upon waking up eat an extra heavy breakfast of steak and eggs with some fruit. By 8:00 am have all of before mentioned exercise equipment ready for use. Promptly at 8:00 am begin with a high repetition set of standing barbell curls. Do approximately 30 reps with a very light weight (do not go to failure). This high repetition set will precede each set each hour. After two minutes begin a set of standing barbell curls for five reps to failure.

Once failure is achieved, strip off five pounds from each side and go to failure. Continue stripping the weight until all that’s left to curl is the empty bar. Immediately move to the chairs and begin a set of eight dips to failure. Once failure is achieved, add six negative repetitions.

This super set must be done every hour on the hour for 12 straight hours without fail. Once you have completed the final super set (#12) take 5000 mg of branched chain amino acids on an empty stomach. Continue to take three amino acid tabs and three liver tabs every three hours for one full week.

Make sure the arms get three full days of rest before resuming any upper body training. Also, its a good idea to consume protein blended shakes in place of meals during the 12 hour training period, and make sure you are physically up for the task.

(Note: You can also follow the Rich Piana 8 hour arm training program presented on the video.)

Let me know how it goes. I will be doing this soon as well.

Your Man,




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