How to Eat Meat – and Training tip Video

The Lame Stream “Fake New” Media seems intent on telling you that consuming meat can kill you. I will explain on how to prepare meat correctly.

If you follow the lying media on health information over the last few years, you would probably think that meat is a public health hazard in the same category as radiation and asbestos. In fact, the phony World Health Organization (Population control anyone) released a widely publicized study last year that put processed meat in the same cancer causing category as smoking. As expected, once you got passed the fear mongering headlines, the news wasn’t as bad as it sounded. Still, those of us who eat a protein rich diet, which is most of us, should be a little concerned. The first thing to know about this news is that the report was about processed meats, such as bacon, sausage and bologna. This was not a study of fresh meats like chicken breasts, grass-fed steak, or tilapia fish fillets. Very few physique athletes get their protein diets from Oscar Mayer hot dogs and Slim Jims. (Note to mention, The people who eat a lot of processed meat products are probably not particularly health conscious in other aspects of their lives). Secondly, while the report did put processed meats in the same category as smoking, it means that scientists are equally as positive of the fact that processed meats cause cancer as they are about smoking; it does not mean that being a carnivore carries the same risks as being a smoker.

A cancer risk for carnivores does exist, though. While many of us think that cutting out meat carries its own set of risks, (such as type II Diabetes, metabolic disorders, and cardiovascular disease associated with the potential weight gain of a high carb diet), There are several ways to have your steak and eat it too.

  1. COOK GENTLY – Harsh forms of cooking such as pan-frying, searing, deep frying, and grilling over an open flame tend to increase the production of heterocyclic amines (HCA’s), which are linked to many forms of cancer cited in the WHO study (namely colorectal prostate, and pancreatic cancers). Cooking at temperatures of under 300 degrees minimizes the formation of HCA’s. These methods include, boiling, braising, steaming, poaching and using a pressure cooker or crock-pot.
  2. MARINATE YOUR MEAT – Almost any liquid will help reduce the formation of cancer causing compounds formed during high heat. Olive oil, fruit juice, stock, vinegar, coffee, yogurt, teriyaki sauce, coconut milk, or any combination will do the trick. Some research suggest that antioxidants – rich dry herbs such as turmeric, garlic, ginger, paprika, and various peppers can also inhibit formation of toxins.
  3. GRILL IT RARE – When you do grill a steak, eat it bloody. A study published several years ago in the journal “Mutation Research” found that people who ate their meat well done had almost nine times the risk of colorectal cancer as those who ate their meat rare. A more recent review of several different clinical studies, published in Nutrition and Cancer, found an association of multiple different cancers with well-done meat.
  4. EAT YOUR STEAK WITH GREENS – When you just have to have a steak seared over hot coals, be sure to have a big helping of green vegetables with it. A study published in the journal Carcinogenesis found that cruciferous vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, and bok choy, reduce the formation of HCA’s in charred meats. Further research from the Indian journal of Experimental Biology showed that broccoli was protective against a number of potentially cancer – causing substances produced in cooked meat.

More to come friends.


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