How to build a powerful neck Part 2



I came accross a video on youtube on neck training. The guy in the video is a MMA fighter. Although we are bodybuilder and weightlifters, we can learn and use many of the training tools and methods from these great athletes. (Note: I train MMA for cardio)

God Bless.


  • Pav

    Damn. I just do some neck bridges 3 times a week. It’s getting bigger, just slowly.

  • Slow and steady wins the race Pav. You will have a Curt Angle 21 inch neck soon.

  • The video shows a nice way to warm up the neck before training. I plan to use this type of warm up before using the 4 way neck machine.

  • This warm up is also good before using the head strap harness as well. Also for bridges.