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For today’s post we will be interviewing Freddy from “STOP THE LEFT”. Freddy was formally known as the millennium warrior. He has contributed several articles for our website here at IAAM, which are:

  1. Our Second Amendment Rights

  2. Tips on dating and relationships from the Millennium Warrior

  3. Dont Be A Wage Slave by Guest Blogger The Millennium Warrior

  4. The Collage Dream or Fallacy by Guest Blogger The Millennium Warrior

Now Freddie is quickly becoming a star with his Instagram page ware he espouses his conservative / libertarian view points much to the shagrin of those Social Justice panty waist warriors. He has been featured and interviewed at the “Menninism Podcast” Episode 10; you can listen to here, he was also featured in an article at Breitbart news, which can be read here:

And Freddy also trolled the CAIR head quarters to be placed on their list. This is a fun-fact filled interview to which there will be a part two coming very soon.

You can reach and follow Freddy over at his Instagram page “Stop_The_Left.”

Episode 10 – Moses Villamarine Interview

Trolling CAIR – I deserve to be on that list !

Please enjoy the interview and leave your comments below.

God Bless.


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