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Just recently, I was watching a video on youtube. The video I was watching was an arm training video put out by Rich Piana. I admire Rich and all of his accoplishments. His advice on training is gold because Rich is cut out of a unique piece of cloth and that is he will do whatever it takes to develop his body. The video I watched was a video where rich gives out a nice arm building tip where an athlete would take a pair of fifteen pound dumbbells and perform 100 reps on the lying triceps extension and 60 to 100 reps on the seated curl exercise. This is to be done at a fast pace for three sets right before you go to sleep.

I noticed that in the comments section of the video, (NOTE: I very rarely read the comments section on the videos because of all of the sissy comments left by haters.), there were those leaving remarks saying how this will not work for them because they are natural, and comments like “It works for Rich because he is on steroids. I read others say things like “that type of volume will lead to over training and so fourth. Many of these people rely on what is called conventional wisdom. Here is a quote for those who follow conventional wisdom:

Conventional wisdom is no wisdom at all. Conventional wisdom is taking somebody else’s word for the way things are. It’s the followers of this world who rely on assumption. Not the leaders.

This is a powerful statement, which is unfortunately ignored by many in this world. Much of the world instead promotes sameness. When you go against the grain, you will often be criticized and doubted. Almost every successful business owner who has started a business from the ground up had to deal with their share of doubters along the way (often friends and family).

the man, Stefaan Engels, who ran 365 marathons did not allow “conventional wisdom” stop him from achieving his goal. I am certain that there were those who said that he could never run a marathon everyday for one year because of over training and fatigue and things like that. You will never know what you are capable of if you do not try. In the case with the Rich Piana arm video tip, Just give it a try whether natural or enhanced. What is the worse that can happen, you get nicer developed arms?


Note: Beware of harsh language.


Give this tip a try. Do not follow conventional wisdom. If your body response to 6 days a week training volume sessions, then do that. If not, then try High intensity training with every other days style of training. Find out what works for you.

also be aware the Rich uses strong language, but the information Rich gives is top quality. If you want and need more arm training strategies go over to check out our arm training e-book course.

God Bless.


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