The Collage Dream or Fallacy by Guest Blogger The Millennium Warrior

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The Collage Dream or Fallacy

There are 3 things I absolutely hate doing and they are:

(1) Wasting time

(2) Being in debt

(3) And taking orders

This is why I always thought college was nonsense and a waste of time to me, and I still think its crap.

Unfortunately, I was too stupid and indecisive, so I went to college and completed one semester. I went to college mostly to please my parents because they think that a college education and degree will guarantee success and a career.

My mom is a college graduate and became a school teacher. She teaches at a private school in New York.

Like most kids who listened to the typical paradigm their parents extoll, I enrolled into a local community college. After one semester and $4,000 dollars in debt later, I can honestly say college was a costly mistake and a complete waste of time.

Don’t be fooled

I could have saved that money for my business system I am currently working on.

Why did college not work for me, and why it may not work for many of you? Please read on.

College is a debt creator

There is no getting around the simple fact that college is expensive. Higher Education is a privilege, and most people can’t afford it, including myself.

Most young students apply for and take loans at high interest rates expecting to graduate, get a job, and pay the money (debt)back.

What a joke.

Debts don’t go away overnight. If it did, college students would not be in debt, but unfortunately most students are. It takes years to pay off student loans.

Don’t be stupid, anyone who loans you money wants you to be in debt for as long as possible.


Because the longer you take to pay the money back, the more you will eventually owe and the more money the lending institution makes.

The bible says it best,

The burrower is a slave to the lender.

I’m not a slave, I do not want to be a Debt slave. I’m a warrior with goals.

For some, like myself, I say ditch the loan thing, it isn’t your friend. If you plan to work for yourself then forget college and start educating yourself in what it is you want to do. Invest your money into a small business, website, etc. a type of business where you know that your fruits will pay off if that is where you want to go. Developing a business system is an education in itself.

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A college degree doesn’t guarantee a thing.Everyone who ever tried to get me to go to college would say, Go to school, so you can get a good job.

A friend of mine went to college for fashion design. He took out a bunch of loans to get himself through college. After 4 years of hard work, he is $55,000 in debt and currently works at a fast food joint.


He has his degree, He can be considered educated. So why is he working at a fast-food joint for minimum wage?Because a degree doesn’t guarantee you anything, and those types of jobs either aren’t hiring; they are becoming obsolete, or the market for the job you are looking for is very slow or frozen like in the case with the education system.

Many people are lulled into a false sense of security. Many follow the typical thinking that someone some where is going to give you something if you follow the typical method used by most people, which is go to college, get a degree, and then a good job in the area of your degree.

And once again, the idiots line up to pay their tuition.College is also very time consuming.I spent 3 hours, simply on my commute to college every day. After the travel time, I would spend the rest of my day, about five hours to be exact, in classes that bore the hell out of me.

When I eliminated college, I became in full control of my schedule. I use my time now for something a lot more meaningful to me and that is:

Gym time / building my body

Building my website/ business system

Studying and Learning how to make my skills profitable

And I got a part time job for extra cash to invest in my business system

And, like I mentioned in my previous article Don’t be a wage slave; you can use the free time to get yourself a job, temporary, simply to fund your business idea(s).

Don’t make this job a habit, make it an asset. Work like an animal and use the checks to harvest your ideas.Believe me, I hate working lame jobs too. I much rather take orders from a manager who is paying me; for the time being because it’s just a means to an end, than take orders from a teacher who is not.

Self-education beats higher education, Always.

I was always a firm believer in self-education. Everything I know comes from self-education. This includes, meeting new people, and learning from them. Also, I am a voracious reader.Many Colleges do not believe in self-education. In fact, they don’t believe in education at all. They simply believe writing papers and passing tests is more important than actually learning.

I was a victim of this throughout my high school years, and I could never get pass algebra. I would always flunk tests. I had to repeat the course over and over again.

Does this mean I’m dumb?

Absolutely not, Einstein once said that a gold fish is a genius until you have it climb a tree. Then the fish is dumb.

But according to the public school system, I was dumb that is.

The point is that a college degree does not equal wisdom or knowledge. It just means you’re good at memorizing stupid useless liberal commie crap or really good at cheating.We are truly blessed to live in this country (the USA) because, A self-educated entrepreneur, like many, will always go much farther than a college educated arrogant punk.Look around, it happens all the time. You can learn almost anything on the internet. The internet is Higher Education’s worst enemy.You can learn to speak another language, play an instrument, install a toilet, set up a website, or how to fix a computer’s hard drive.

All without paying thousands of dollars.

We live in the technology era. You must embrace this and use it to your fullest advantage.For example, if your entrepreneurship gig is in web design, you can simply pick up a book or learn online about coding all without having to go to school or pay a single dime. You can use the public library because it’s all free. This is the definition of self-education.Keep in mind that a great entrepreneur will always be a great entrepreneur, college degree or not just look at Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs.

Well my friends, there you have it straight from the mind of the Millennium Warrior. There will be much more to come on this topic. Until then, keep this in mind. We are living in times where nothing is certain.

The economy, the government, your job, your health, or even the weather are not written in stone.The point is, don’t be fooled into thinking a higher education is a free golden ticket to success. Only fools think like that. If colleges guaranteed success, wouldn’t most people be successful?

Of course!

But my friends the reality is, the economy does not care if your college educated or not, and success does not come to those who have a diploma hanging from their wall, nope, it comes to those with the will to make success their goal.


God Bless.


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