CHARACTER –What does it mean to have character? This was a question that was posed to me when I was in High school. No one knew the answer. In today’s society, ask anyone you meet what character is and you will find that most people will give you several different answers. Most people just┬ádo not know what character is. What is character? Well, I am here to tell you that unfortunately most people do not have it. Yes some people are characters, but…
most do not have character. You see, character is a personality trait that makes an individual accomplish something or see something through long after
the emotional response has long subsided. Let’s use an example. Did you ever notice those individuals that make new years resolutions? A typical new year’s
resolution one would make would be to lose weight and get in shape. Many health clubs and gyms love people like this because it is around this time when they get the bulk of their clientele or membership. Many of these gyms give out big discounts so that you can join their establishments for the whole year. Now, they really do not care if you see your new fitness program through. They only care about the stupid resolution that they know you are not going to keep and part you with your money. Many people start out with an emotional response in wanting to get into shape. But, like with all emotions, sometimes you feel motivated and then there are days where you will not want to do anything. It takes a certain individual with “CHARACTER” to go through the whole year and accomplish their fitness goals long after the emotional response is gone. You must make a conscience decision to put in the work, whether you feel like it or not, and workout to get in shape. That is character. I will give you another example. How many high school and college dropouts do you see? Unfortunately the percentages are very high. Many start out going to college, but once the emotion of wanting to go to college goes away they soon drop out. They do not have the character to see their college goals through. The same can be said with building your own business. Many start out with great ideas and begin to implement them but then before you know it, something happens where they no longer “FEEL” confident to see their venture through. The bible says that the heart is deceptive, who can know it. I have heard many people say “Go where your heart will take you.” Well, just look around you and tell me what you see. You will see fat, out of shape, emotionally cripple people in dept and voting for candy ass metro sexual politicians, who do not take responsibility for the stupid crap policies they are passing as laws, to get them out of the garbage that they got themselves into, which always hurt thos who are productive.

Most men do not have character. A man that does not have character usually does not see things through, makes excuses for his mistakes, does not take responsibility for his circumstances and does not try to change them, uses his skin color or their ethnic background as an excuse as to why they are in the situation they are in, and so on. These men are not real men. What these men are, are nothing more than emotional fruit cakes, or candy asses. These people will never move forward or amount to anything. These types of people are the parasites and the slack asses that envy those who make the sacrifices to achieve their dreams and goals. If you do not believe me then pay a visit to the youtube video website. Go to anyone of the bodybuilding videos and you will see in the comments section all of the stupid punk idiots making their negative, retarded comments. If you were to see who these asses are, you will notice that they have done nothing with their little pathetic lives. ALL of these people, especially the men, are candy asses. I do not placate to people like that and I do not like people like that. Our public school system seems to be pumping out many stupid idiots like this by the boat load. Thank God that those of you reading the Intense Apex Alpha Male blog are not like these idiots. Many of you are doers who take responsibility for yourself.

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For those of you who need a little push in developing character, I would like to introduce you to victor prides e-book “30 Days of Discipline.” I purchased the e-book and it is a course of 30 days of kick ass goal setting. I printed out a copy for my nephew and he is implementing it and seeing it through. I too am implementing many of the strategies in this course. 30 days of discipline will have you taking your emotions and flushing them down the toilet with all of the other crap. This course will have you focusing on improving yourself and helping you accomplish the goals you set for yourself. A real man lives his life with mental focus and passion for achieving goals.

Victor has a simple rule, which every alpha male need’s to follow and it’s ABC. The most important rule for being a winner. Always. Be. In Control. ABC. A- Always, B-Be, in C-Control. Be in control of everything in your life, leave nothing in the hands of others, and always keep options. Control your money, control your earning, and control your health and fitness level. Leave nothing to chance when it can be controlled.

I have worked in the public school system for 25 years and I can tell you that we are living in a world where most men are feminized, (it starts in our public schools with indoctrination of our young boys) and the women are the ones with the balls. This is totally dysfunctional. God did not create man to take a back seat to the feminist pigs that are ruining our society. We are men. We must be what we are and never, and I mean NEVER, coddle or placate to the liberal candy asses who have conditioned our male population to be this way. The men we see on TV, movies, in the news, the principles and super intendments of our schools are all feminized panty waists candy asses who only deserve our ridicule and not our respect.

Victor Pride runs the blog “Bold and Determined.” Although I do not know him personally, from what I have read in his blog, Victor used to be a go nowhere loser. He quickly, as if hit by a lightning bolt, decided to change and be a man and not some go nowhere hippie jerk. He started bodybuilding training to build his physique; he took responsibility for himself and became an entrepreneur starting with his blog. An amazing change. And the thing is anyone can do this. It just takes a simple decision to want to do it. I cannot endorse this course even more than I am. It’s that good and really necessary.

In future blog posts, I will be taking you through my nephews and my own progress with the 30 days of discipline course.

Until next time, be a man of character.

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