Top Ten Reasons to Oppose Common Core

I have been working in the school system for about 26 years. I can tell you first hand that the globalists agenda is slowly coming to pass. Here we are in the school year of 2015-2016, and I see everything that was told to me, by many wise colleges, several years ago that one day […]


NO GROCERIES THIS WEEK: WOMAN GOES WITHOUT FOOD TO BUY POWERBALL TICKETS Lottery fever afflicts entire country despite incredibly abysmal odds Adan Salazar | – JANUARY 13, 2016 With the Powerball lottery jackpot at an all time high, the proles are out in full force spending their hard-earned money despite beyond-miniscule chances of winning.

Whimps – Sissies and Real Men

The other night, while I was eating my post workout meal of steak, eggs, a little rice and some avocado, my wife was sitting next to me watching her usual shows on the girly channel; Lifetime. As she watched TV and I ate my meal I noticed she was going over her Facebook account. I […]