A Warning to Young People: Don’t Become a Teacher by Randy Turner

  The teaching profession is quickly becoming a profession that is no longer a noble one. Read what Randy Turner has to say about it. I agree totally with what he has to say. READ ON –>>

Why you MUST protect your life savings from possible Hyperinflation by guest blogger John T. Reed

I told you so. Greece is giving you a classic lesson in why you must protect your life savings from possible hyperinflation. The Eruozone finally showed it had a spine. Who knew? The Eruozone banks will lose hundreds of billions because of the delay in finding that spine. They made idiotic loans to the Greeks […]

Marriage Podcast

I am reissuing the podcast on marriage by some popular demand. We are living in an age where both men and women must learn what to look for when picking your future Husband (for women) or wife (for men).

The ACE Personal Trainer Exam Outline

  Hello guys. In today’s post I would like to give you an exam content outline for the ACE Personal Trainer Exam. This is in answer to the many questions that I have received concerning the ACE Personal trainer exam.

Beach Body and DDP Yoga review

  There are many exercise programs out there promising you the moon and the stars. There are many mid-night infomercials selling you on get fit quick and get rich quick programs. The truth is, like with anything in life, if it sound too good to be true it probably is. If you want to get […]

The Seven Laws of Success

  WHO WAS Herbert W. Armstrong? Herbert W. Armstrong, born on July 31 1892, died on January 16 1986, was a founder of the Worldwide Church of God, which was established on June 1 1968. Herbert W. Armstrong wrote a booklet titled The Seven Laws of Success back in the 1960’s. At a young age, […]

Back to Basics

Back to Basics – bodybuilding basics.When all else fails, you can never go wrong going back to the basics or as they say “Back to the Drawing board.” As we move forward in our life’s quest we must keep things simple and go back to the basics; even when we become more advanced in our […]

Simple and Productive Chest and Calf workout

                  Just recently, this past weekend on 4-25-2015 to be exact, my nephew Lewis and I did a great workout that was very simple and very productive. I would like to share with you this training program of Chest and calves.

Conventional Wisdom

Just recently, I was watching a video on youtube. The video I was watching was an arm training video put out by Rich Piana. I admire Rich and all of his accoplishments. His advice on training is gold because Rich is cut out of a unique piece of cloth and that is he will do […]

The Number One Asset is — Your Health

I have always been told by those who care about me that my Health is my number one asset. Without your health you can forget about building up your body or trying to achieve goals. I know of many individuals who do have physical ailments that compromise their health and still continue to march on […]