Conventional Wisdom of the 1920s and What Can We Learn

According to conventional wisdom, the 1920s were a time of dramatically reduced levels of government activity, both domestically and internationally. Harding and Coolidge are typically said to have been strict supporters of laissez-faire economics and of nonintervention in foreign affairs. Again however, the liberal historians have overstated their case.It is true that both domestically and […]

The Zika virus and the globalist agenda

  Recently, I noticed a new crisis being peddled by the stupid media, which is controlled by the global elites, and that is the Zika virus. First we had, not too long ago, the Ebola crises and now we are being peddled the dangers of the Zika virus. The demon filled pagan heathen bastard Globalists […]

Space shuttle Challenger disaster – 1986

I remember the year 1986 and watching the space shuttle launch. I was 18 years old and it was the last year of my high school experience; I was in the 12th grade, a senior in high school. My class room science teacher would usually have the students watch the space shuttle launches on TV.

How To Make Money

The title of this blog article is all to familiar for those of us who read the various opportunity magazines and visit the websites with this theme. Many of the ads contained in the opprotunity magazines and many of the articles written in many websites all promise riches describing products promising you the moon if […]

Why you MUST protect your life savings from possible Hyperinflation by guest blogger John T. Reed

I told you so. Greece is giving you a classic lesson in why you must protect your life savings from possible hyperinflation. The Eruozone finally showed it had a spine. Who knew? The Eruozone banks will lose hundreds of billions because of the delay in finding that spine. They made idiotic loans to the Greeks […]

How To Inspect A Used Car

  The information I am about to reveal to you may help save you thousands of dollars and quite possibly alot of grief. Over 16 million used cars will be sold this year and some will be good, dependable vehicles while others will be real “LEMONS.” If you want to know how to tell the […]

The Real St. Patrick

St. Patrick: One of the greatest missionaries of all time, he found Ireland totally pagan and left it resoundingly Christian. March 17 is celebrated as the birthday of St. Patrick, the Roman Catholic patron saint of Ireland who drove the snakes out of the Emerald Isle. It’s a wonderful day for Irishmen all over the […]

Home Office Tax Deductions

Now that the new year is around the corner (2015), we start to think about tax time. At least I do. For those entreprenuers out there who are in business for them selves and for those who are planning on starting a business at home, I would like to share some tax insights with you. 

Important things we should all know

As stated before, I.A.A.M. is a blog site that tries to entertain, educate and inform as well as give you a place to come to and learn important things that you can begin to apply immediately. In keeping with that goal, every so often I will blog about some facts under the title of fun […]

How To Cancel Your Social Security number and Card

  Did you know that the social security system is completely voluntary to join? I learned this through my research. If you do not plan to be a Federal or State employee, which must have a SSI number to work with those bureaucracies, and you plan to be your own person through Entrepreneurship, then an […]