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Building big arms is a subject that has been done to death. If this was not so, then explain to me why are there so many muscle magazines that always have “Build Big Arms” articles in them. Next to building a big chest, Arms are right up there with the showy muscle popularity category. Well, there aren’t any secrests to building big arms. What I am about to share with you may be considered a secret or not. It depends on who you speak to. I am about to share with you the tried and true method for building arms. Yes finally there is a method for building the arms of your dreams. Just keep reading.

One of the best bodybuilders in the world, in my opinion, with the best arm development, was two time Mr. Olympia winner Larry Scott. Now, I know there have been many great bodybuilders with really great arm development, but, what makes Larry Scott owner of this honor is the fact that Mr. Scott did not start out with the best genetics in the business. You see, if we go back to when Larry Scott started training, you would not expect to see this scrawny little guy build legendary twenty inch arms. Larry Scott had very narrow shoulders, a long pencil type neck and thin arms. Its amazing to see how he transformed his body. larry story3Through sheer will and determination Larry devised a method for training his arms, which so happens to be one of the best methods around. One of Larry’s favorite arm programs, which once exposed we all should be following, is the preach bench curl series. This series of tri-set curling exercises help larry Scott develop his beautiful twenty inch arms. The series on the preacher bench goes something like this:

Exercise #1 Preacher Dumbbell Curl for six reps and four reps for burns.

Larry Dumbbell Curl

Exercise #2 Preacher Bench barbell curl for six reps and four burns.

Larry Curl

Exercise #3 Reverse EZ Curl bar curls for six reps and four burns.

Larry Reverse CurlsThis Preacher bench exercises series is what help build Larry’s legondary twenty in arms. I advise that when performing this training program, you warm up thoroughly and pick a weight which will aoolw for only six reps. The last four reps should be forced for the burns effect of the movement. A total of three sets to start with not counting the two set warm ups. After this move up to five sets of the series. The series should be performede back to back. Only rest after you have completed the three exercises back to back. Then rest for about two or three minutes and begin your next set series. This will work wonders for your biceps.

Next we move to the triceps. For triceps Larry performed two exercises back to back ,which are:

Exercise #1 Lying Triceps Bench Press for eight reps and four reps burns. Larry Triceps Press

Exercsie #2 Kneeling cable triceps extensions. Eight reps with four reps burns.

Larry Triceps extensions

These are the exercises and the one routine Larry used to develop his twenty inch arms. Give this routine a try and let me know how it works. There is much more in the Herculean Big Arm course at


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