Beach Body Products Review


Beachbody LLC is an American multinational corporation that uses a form of multi-level marketing to sell fitness, weight loss, and muscle building home-exercise DVDs. Beach body was founded back in 1998. The company’s best-known product is Tony Horton’s P90X; whose TV ads have become some of the most frequently run infomercials in the United States.

The Company’s main goal is to have the average person develop a fitness lifestyle by introducing them to exercise and nutrition programs that they can do at home without the complexity and intimidation that comes with joining a gym or health club, and without expensive exercise equipment.

I have purchased quite a few of their programs to see how their ordering process works and how they go about creating and packaging their products. Their flag ship product that has taken the country by storm is P90X, which features Toney Horton. Tony Horton, the developer of P90X, has become a house hold name due to the infomercials aired on T.V. selling the P90X program.

Shortly thereafter, the company developed other home training programs like Body Beast with its creator Sagi Kalev, Insanity with its developer Shaun T., and the P90X series like, P90X plus, one on one with Toney Horton, P90X2, and the most recent P90X3.

P90X is not a bodybuilding program, but can be used in conjunction to or in addition to a bodybuilding program. P90X, and its series, are fitness programs. What’s the difference? A bodybuilding program focuses on building muscle where the P90X program trains you to be a better athlete overall while getting you into shape with various routines.

P90X claims it can significantly improve fitness in three months through intense physical training. P90X’s advertising emphasizes “muscle confusion”, a method of cross-training and periodization achieved through switching the order of exercises and incorporating new and varied movements. Muscle confusion supposedly prevents the body from adapting to exercises over time, resulting in continual improvement without plateaus.

The problem with the muscle confusion principle is if you plan on getting better at lifting specific poundage’s as a bodybuilder or power-lifter, repeated efforts is what is needed. The only time you change things up is when you are about to hit a plateau. Once the plateau is hit, you them change thing up a bit until you break from that staleness and then resume back to your previous exercise.

Insanity is a workout regimen similar to P90X in that it claims to improve fitness in 60 days through strenuous stamina training. Developed by Shaun T., Insanity’s advertising emphasizes “max interval training”, a method of exercising during which one works out strenuously for 3 to 4 minutes and then rests or “cools down” for approximately 30 seconds before starting the whole process over again. This is more intense than traditional interval training, during which participant’s alternate mild and strenuous exercise for roughly equal lengths of time. This program claims to promote noticeable results through core strength, as well as intense cardio training.

Body Beast is a bodybuilding program developed by former competitive bodybuilder Sagi Kalev. The design for this program came due to those who wanted a beach body product that catered to bodybuilders. This program is strictly design for building muscle with the promise of helping you pack on up to 20 pounds of muscle in 90 days. (Side note: anyone who is a veteran in Bodybuilding knows that most people usually pack on anywhere from 5 to maybe 10 pounds in a year and that is depending on the person.) What the body beast program promises could be considered marketing hype but the program is rather simple in that you train the whole body at home using only a full set of dumbbells and a multi-functional bench along with a chin up bar all in your own home with little space needed.

The problems I have with these programs are not that many. First off, the one program I would like to go into is the body beast program being that I am a bodybuilder. The body beast program leaves a lot out of its course. For example, stretching; Stretching should be a part of any weight training workout. It has been known that if you do not stretch properly during and after exercise,(Note: Not before because it actually weakens the muscles), your muscle will begin to stiffen, which means as you continue to train there will come a time when you will actually pull or tear a muscle. I was very stupid and during my leg training sessions I would not stretch my groin muscles. On day during a leg training session I was using the leg press machine. As I lowered the load, I lowered it all the way down to the point where my knees touched my upper chest. This caused my groin muscles to hyperextend causing a painful pulled groin. Lesson learned, now I stretch during and after all training sessions.

This is where you can use the P90X yoga and stretching program or even Matt Furey’s, Combat stretching, DVD’s to help loosen your body up.

The program will have you performing techniques like, supersets, compound sets, combo sets, progressive sets, straight sets, drop sets, strip sets and such with little rest. This program is really workable after you have achieved your muscle gains. For those starting out or even those who need more size and strength, I recommend Victor Prides, Body of a Spartan courseClick here to view more details. Once you follow Victor’s course then I would move onto something like body beast. Body beast does not focus on strength building either. Without a strength component, your gains will be minimal due to all of the pumping exercises and no strength exercises.



As a natural bodybuilder, Victor Prides course focuses on a strength component along with a muscle pumping component, which is vital for gains that will stay with you and not disappear.

Things like heavy deadlifts and Squats are things not heavily emphasized in the Body beast course.

Muscle Gains are maintained when the basic ground work is done especially during the initial stages of your training.

Body Beast would be a good course to follow once you have spent about two to three years following a muscle and strength course like Body of a SpartanClick here to view more details.

The P90X programs and its sequences are nice programs to incorporate in a solid bodybuilding program and most, I believe can be accessed on you tube like the P90X ab ripper X routine. Ab ripper is a good routine to add to your bodybuilding routine and ab program. The Yoga in P90X is also a good addition to help with stretching the muscles. P90X2 has a nice routine titled Recovery and Mobility, which gives a nice routine for the rumble roller. This program is what you would call a poor man’s massage therapy program. This program definitely should be added to any bodybuilding or weight training program.

Shaun T’s program will have you eating away at your hard earned muscle gains. It has been shown that bodybuilders who are training for mass who engage in the type of cardio work Shaun T. advises will actually lose muscle size and not gain it along with strength loss as well.

The programs offered by beach body are not cheap either. The programs usually go for around $90 to $120 dollars. If you feel you would like to have these programs to add variety to your training and add many of the programs to your muscle building endeavors, then I would advise to go to YouTube first to see which training programs are posted up. If not then purchasing it would be your second option.

I will expand on this in the future.

Until then God Bless.


  • Insanity was great for me. It’s incredible how much you sweat when you complete 40 minutes. I’m thinking of giving something else a go so this review has been incredibly helpful. Keep up the great work.