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“Never listen to people that say This is the best time of your life. It’s all downhill from here. Your life is as good as you make it. Work to build yourself a future and you will have a nice one. I’ll tell you my life is phenomenally better at 30+ than it was at 18 but I never sat around pining for the old days, I was always working to make something of myself. Forget about the retirement scam, work on your own future, build yourself. Your future is yours to make, but your future will come whether you build a good one or a poor one.” – Victor Pride

In today’s climate, you cannot rely on a job to give you security; it doesn’t exist. Every man, young and old, should be enterprising. One of your goals, as an Intense apex alpha male, should be to start a business and take control of your financial future. Now, that may sound like a daunting task, but it’s not as difficult as you may think. First off, you must first decide what kind of lifestyle you want for yourself. Next, examine yourself and see what talents you may posses, and you begin doing this by writing everything down you think you are good at doing. Write down everything no matter how silly you may think it is. Next, make a list of everything you would like to learn. By making a list of things and talents, you begin to know what you are all about and you get to know yourself.

The type of business we are going to start, and focus on, is an internet based business. Why, because we are living in the age of the internet and there is a piece of it for everyone bold enough to make money from it. Statistics show us that about 60% of house holds here in America have access to the internet and many of those people are potential customers.

Now that you have your list all set up, let us move on to the next phase. Ok, you have decided what your strengths are. The goal now is to see if we can set up a website selling the product(s) you created that you are good at doing.

Step 1) Begin a Key word (Use AD WORDS.COM or GOOGLE AD WORDS.COM) search for your product or service you plan on selling through the internet.

Step 2) After narrowing down your key word searches to the key words mostly used to search for the product or service you plan to sell, you will now go to godaddy.com and create a web address for it. For example, if your key words that you are searching for are how to clean dog poopy, just an example, and you are an expert or just knowledgeable about the subject, you will use this as your web address, which incorporates your key words for automation. Your URL would be www.cleandogpoopy.com. By doing this you are already making your website accessible for those people searching for that particular subject. Next you create a website selling the information, which will be in the form of an e-book, on how to clean dog poopy.

Step 3) Next you will sign up with a hosting service like (I personally use Hostica.com) or hostgater.com. This is where all of the things on your website along with your website will be kept at or housed.

Step 4) Next you will sign up for an e-mail service. You will want to capture the e-mails from those visiting your site. I personally use A Weber.com, which is really great for sending out mass e-mailings. You can also use mail chimp.com.

Step 5) Next you will begin to automate your product sales by using pay-pal or click bank and linking it to a service that will help your customers download the e-books and collect your money such as E-Junkie.com.

Step 6) The next thing is to learn everything you can about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Step 7) Next, you will use wordpress.com to creat your website in which you will be selling your product.

Part II coming up soon.

Read Victor Prides article here: http://boldanddetermined.com/2011/12/31/why-you-should-start-a-blog-or-website-in-2012/

Remember that you will get out of this business what you put into it. You must be like me, obsessed with your websites. You will not make any money at first. But like with any business, you must keep working at it until you do. Learn everything you can about internet sales and eventually you will succeed. I will be bringing more articles to help you with your new business venture so remember to subscribe to my blog.

Until Next Time, God Bless


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